The Training Companion E-Book


If you are involved in your agency’s training program, this ebook is for you! Whether you’re a training coordinator, a CTO, or a dispatcher just trying to strengthen your training program, there’s something for everyone.


The tasks that come along with training each new employee come with their own obstacles and learning curves. Maybe you have standard evaluating guidelines, but you’re struggling at how to write daily observation reports. You might know what you’re going to teach, but turning it into an effective PowerPoint is beyond your current skill set.

This is where The Training Companion E-book comes into help!

Through out the E-book you’ll find insight on how to improve your presentations, recognize different learning styles, and grow your skills when it comes to other training topics as well.


Topics covered includes:

  • Daily Observation Reports
  • Effective Instruction
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Effective Assessment Strategies
  • Active Listening Activities
  • Geography Activities
  • Radio Dispatch Activities
  • & much more!

See what others are saying!

“The Training Companion E-Book is a comprehensive guide for the first time and seasoned trainer. The Dispatch Lab has created a document that focuses on learning styles and gives trainers ideas on how to cultivate those learners into a success. I have never seen a guide that so clearly supports trainers and their sometimes overwhelming endeavor of training, than this one. You’d be remiss if you didn’t purchase this as a resource for your center.” 

-Roxy, Dispatch Director


This EBook covers so much! This is the perfect resource for CTOs and Training Coordinators. It is a great guide with extremely helpful information ranging from big-picture program design all the way down to specific training exercises. It is specific to dispatching but general enough that I feel like it could be utilized at any agency. As a new Training Coordinator that has been working to re-design our training program and re-train some of my CTOs this year, the Training Companion EBook has been a huge help to me and my CTOs! Huge thank you to The Dispatch Lab for offering such a wonderful resource

-Jordan, Training Coordinator


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