Handling Suicidal Callers Training E-Book


This E-book is packed full of helpful and relevant information for handling calls related to suicide. It will walk you step by step to create a training for your center. You will be able to create meaningful training sessions for new and seasoned employees alike.

This e-book provides multiple activity and scenario for practice and creating a training that sticks. You’ll be able to create a complete training using this e-book, your own experience, and your agency’s policies and procedures.

What’s Included:

  • How to handle calls depending on whether the caller is suicidal, it’s a 3rd party calling, or it’s someone reporting a completed suicide.
  • Suggestions for how to locate parties who’s location is unknown.
  • Additional supplemental videos and resources that can be used as part of the lesson or to add additional material.
  • & more!


As with any The Dispatch Lab E-Book, anytime new editions are released, you will receive an updated copy.


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