Documentation in Dispatch


Documentation is the key to showing what we do in dispatch. It’s a record to not only demonstrate the information we’re given, but what we do with that information. This e-book will help train your staff on the three main principles of documentation and how the lack of it can get us into hot water.

What’s included:

  • The Three Main Principles of Documentation
  • How to structure your training session
  • Real Life Scenarios to help the training make an impact
  • Assessment methods to test what participants have learned
  • Additional resources to help drive the points home


This e-book provides multiple activity and scenario for practice and creating a training that sticks. You’ll be able to create a complete training using this e-book, your own experience, and your agency’s policies and procedures.


As with any The Dispatch Lab E-book, anytime new editions are released, you will receive an updated copy.


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